Bruno Martinuzzi was born in Turriaco (Go) in 1946. Since he was young he had a strong passion in the expression through drawing and materials processing.

Emigrated in Milan, he continued in growing his attitude undertaking various work experiences, when in '65 he met Fausto Melotti, thus becoming his pupil.

Hence it begins a cooperation that lasts up to 1977, year in which he decides to move in Rovigo district, where he's still making his own works.

His evolving art leads him to experiment, through the years, the use of diffrent materials for his own sculptures inncluding wood (The Black Venus, 1970), chalk (Conscious Subconcious), plexiglass (The Sphere, 1970) and lead smelting (Gallows, 1968).

He dovote his attention especially to the brass - steel dualism: Elliptic Game (1968), The across (1968), Direction II° (1981) and The Saint (2000), abstract art or sculpture based on the negative/positive concept in diffrent game forms.

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